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On-Page SEO Jumped Traffic 109% for a Charlotte Remodeling Company

On-Page SEO Increased Traffic 109 Percent for Charlotte Remodeling Co


SEO-Optimized Website Redesign and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Home remodeler was looking for steady monthly leads to support their business. Like a lot of remodelers, they focused heavily on Google Ads before adding in SEO to improve organic traffic.


The Home Remodeling Company depended on Google Ads for leads because neither their website nor the Google Business Profile (map listing) were showing up in organic search results. The website was not built on the WordPress platform; however, we started our search engine optimization service. We found the platform impossible to make the needed technical improvements plus the traffic coming to the site was not converting.

We suggested re-designing the site and converting it to WordPress.

A newly redesigned website focused on improving both search ranking and conversions was launched. There was a 109% increase in users to the site and more visitors were staying on the site longer to view additional content.

SEO-Audience Overview  - improve rankings for Charlotte Remodeling Co


In February 2021, there were 18 keywords ranking on Page One of Google.  By the end of May 2022, there were 166 keywords and 36 were in First Position. Plus, there was an increase of 109% in monthly users to the site.

Home Remodeling SEO - Keyword Ranking
The website only had 99 visitors during the month when we first started our SEO service. After the website redesign and monthly SEO work, there was 1,059 visitors to the website during the month of May 2022. According to Google Analytics, 931 of those visitors came in via Organic Search.
Home Remodeling SEO - analytics
Sending quality traffic to a website is only one part of what we do. We also focus on making sure the website converts that traffic into prospects for your sales team to follow up. Keep in mind, SEO is only one marketing strategy to generate leads. During the month of May 2022, the client had 58 leads either from a contact form or a phone call. We only track calls made on mobile when the user clicks the phone number to call the business directly.
Home Remodeling SEO - organic search results

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