Local Restaurants – Coronavirus Edition

We don’t know about you, but restaurants are some of our finest friends. This whole coronavirus thing is REALLY putting a damper on getting a good steak – or is it?  MOST of our restaurants ARE offering takeout service at a minimum. Some are getting even fancier with curbside service and yet more are moving to delivery service throughout the area!  Find out what YOUR favorite restaurant is up to in the map below. We’ll be adding more locations as we go. Hopefully, the coronavirus gets GONE before we get TOO far in this project – prayers for all!

If you find any restaurants that are missing here or you want to be included, or if there are any issues on any of those that we have listed, shoot us an email via our contact form and we’ll see if we can get it updated. These restaurants were current as of posting to the best of our knowledge – and we talked to most of them! Thanks for visiting Edge Digital.