With the COVID-19 pandemic crippling economies across the globe, companies are looking wherever they can to reduce overhead costs and stay afloat. As a result, some businesses might consider cutting their advertising costs by reducing or eliminating their paid marketing efforts. This is a good way to save money in the short-term, but more often than not it’s very detrimental to your long-term finances! Even if you’re spending very little, it’s generally going to be well worth long-term just to keep that paid traffic active.

Marketing Tips During COVID

Edge Digital ADA ComplianceSet up an Ad schedule. Adjusting ad schedules so that they coincide with peak usage times is one excellent way to maximize costs. Ideally, businesses are already doing this, but a little bit of optimization could be all it takes to

Maximize Search Results. Maximizing keywords and Search Engine Optimization is also essential. Again, this should already be a priority, but it’s worth noting that algorithms can be fickle. Keep a close eye on your data and don’t be afraid to keep things optimized.

Look at Your Data. It’s also worthwhile for companies to analyze those keywords used by the company and how effective they are. This information can help narrow marketing strategies and ensure better performance materials, meaning less advertising material produced and better effect from the marketing content released. Even if you did all the research once upon a time, it’s worth staying on top of this stuff to ensure you’re always targeting the most efficient and cost-effective keywords.

Target Devices. Depending on how involved a company’s marketing strategy is, they might adjust their advertising performance on a device-by-device basis. For example, suppose ads are doing well on phones but not computers. In that case, companies can reduce ad flow on computer-based marketing and maintain phone ads to keep potential customers, and thus business, flowing. If your business’s traffic is nearly all mobile, then obviously it’s well worth you

Don’t be Stuck in One Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies change constantly, depending on the company’s abilities, budget, and scope. Nobody wants to spend money on something that isn’t giving them anything back, right? This is true for smaller businesses more than ever, every penny matters! Larger corporations generally have advanced software analyzing all of this for them, that just goes to show the importance of it. The market is constantly changing so why shouldn’t you be doing the same in an effort to keep up with it?

Test Strategies, Get Professional Help

Edge Digital SEOThere are so many different marketing strategies out there that it can be hard to even keep up with them all let alone really take the time to test them all out. You never want to limit yourself to one marketing avenue, you want to be diversified enough that losing one avenue won’t totally ruin your business. Less effective methods can be trimmed down to save costs while efforts are focused on marketing that produces results. Knowing when to trim expenses without eliminating them during a crisis can make the difference for a company weathering such financial storms. You don’t want to trim yourself so thin that you don’t get any business at all!

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