Social distancing may have slowed your business down but now is not the time to stop marketing. Homeowners are sitting at home looking around and thinking of what needs to get fixed, changed, or upgraded.

Here are four lead generation techniques we use to help our home service clients plus one sales technique that has worked for many others.

Facebook Ads

I’ve heard people say, “I’ve tried Facebook Ads and wasted a lot of money”. To them, I say, “you weren’t doing it right because our clients are getting leads not just traffic to their website”. There are some social media “gurus” who tell businesses, “Facebook is only a top of the funnel tool”. They’re wrong.

We are continuing to run Facebook ads and converting leads even today. These three campaigns are worth checking out.

Retargeting Campaign. Once you have set up a Facebook Ad Account, you can generate a pixel code to install in the header of your website. There are instructions on how to do this if you are a DIYer. Essentially anyone who visits your website and has a Facebook profile is tagged and added to your custom audience. You can then run an ad directly to those people and “retarget” them with your brand.

GeoFence Current Projects. If you want to capture more business in the same area of a current project, offering neighbors a Friends and Family Discount. Add a website page about the discount; include a form and your phone number so people can learn more about the special and let you know they are interested. Run an ad campaign about the special to homeowners in the area of your project.

Contest, Giveaway, Sweepstakes. Now is the time to build your sales list. Even though many homeowners won’t allow outsiders into their home right now, when a sense of normalcy returns, you’ll be ahead of the competition. To run a contest, you will need a website page with the details, disclaimers and a form to register, the prize or gift card that is being offered, and the timeframe. You can run a Facebook ad campaign promoting the contest. These are simple to run and impact to your future revenue.

Chatbot Marketing

Chatbots are programmed messages delivered to Facebook users through Messenger. They take a little bit of time to set up and think through the campaign but are terrific for communicating with prospects in a relatively frictionless environment. These chat campaigns can be fun and witty to engage prospects through your sales process. Since people are used to sending messages, it’s an automated way to sell in a non-threatening environment.

Blog: How to Use Chatbots to Win New Business

Sales Technique

Home Service businesses who focusing on recapturing leads from old data or old unsold leads have found success during this time. Go through old leads and pick up the phone. Reach out again because you never know if someone’s situation has changed and now they are ready for your service.

Here are a few positive examples:

  • A contractor made 5 sales in the last 3 days from old data.
  • A contractor in upstate NY is selling both in-home appointments and virtual, whichever the customer is more comfortable with.
  • A large roofing and window company in Wisconsin confirmed that their sit rate on re-issued leads from old data is 76%. They report great sales in the past 3 weeks.
  • A home improvement dealer reported for the first time, a reset lead with a $9265 sale.

What are some hidden gems within your old leads?


As you are making your way through these next few months, give a few of these a try. And, as always, we are here if you need help.

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