Marketing is a tricky business that is always changing, but one thing is for sure: just one method of marketing is not going to cut it.  You have to have a balanced marketing mix to succeed.  Today we are going to help you optimize your marketing mix for your business.

Your marketing mix can, and should, consist of at least a few  of these marketing options:

  • Social Marketing (Social Media Based)
  • Online Marketing (Reviews, Affiliates)
  • Referral Marketing (Existing Customer Referrals)
  • Offline Marketing (Newspaper, Radio, TV)
  • Event Marketing (Fairs, B2B, etc.)
  • Online Advertising (Display Ads)

Understand Your Customer’s Needs

To succeed as a business, you need to understand your customer.  That means you need to work closely with the sales department to mix your marketing.  Close working relationships will help you get the communication you need to accurately gauge the mixing of your marketing efforts to optimize your business.

Utilize What You Discover From Sales

Just knowing what is working and what isn’t, isn’t enough.  A lot of companies will continue to try marketing efforts that aren’t working, leading to an inappropriate marketing mix.  You should always utilize the information you discover from the effectiveness of the current and past marketing efforts to adjust your future combinations.

Connect Programs

Connecting your marketing programs so that they do not stand alone should always be one of your goals.  Everything should work together to achieve the proper mix.  The more a customer sees your brand, the more likely they are to convert.  Including the sales teams in your marketing effort allows them to help.  They can keep those they communicate with up-to-date with your current programs.

Budget Properly

Your marketing mix should take into account your budget and be maximized accordingly.  Not all of your budget should be spent in one area as you will be bound to leave someone out.  Adjust your budget for each part of your marketing mix based on the information you have about your customers.  Don’t be afraid to discard programs that aren’t showing results so that you aren’t spending unneeded money.

To optimize your market take these tips into effect and make sure that interaction is happening.  Communication in your department and between departments is key to a marketing effort.  Remember that in some shape or form, every part of your company is related to marketing.

For more information on optimizing your marketing mix, contact us.