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3 Simple Secrets To Improve SEO

Many factors go into a website to show in search engine results. Search algorithms are constantly adjusted, but if you implement these secrets, you can insulate the site from riding the waves of page 1 to page 4 to page 2, etc. Secrets to Improve SEO Secret #1: Image...

Google Analytics – One Metric To Monitor

When you look at your Google Analytics report, do you know what all those numbers mean? Do you know which numbers are the most important to increase your business? In this video, Kim Adamof of Edge Digital explains one particular metric to track that translates into...

You Can’t Win If You Can’t Score

Do you want to win more business? That's a big YES. What's the answer to the big question, "what is it going to take to win?" The bottom line is having a plan. We have found that home improvement companies that utilize all four marketing strategies are the biggest...

Google’s New Tool To Help Manage Reputation

Recently, Google released a tool that allows Google My Business accounts to manage the removal request of Google reviews one by one and get status updates on the request. This new tool comes after a study found that people are 40% less likely to trust online reviews...

Google Update Write-Up

Few things in the world can strike fear into the heart of an SEO like the words "core algorithm update" do. For some, that means their site and rankings will go flying up higher than they've ever been before. For many others, though, it means that they are about to...
phone number

As a business owner looking for a digital marketing agency, you can have one piece of paper that will save you and the new agency loads of time. In this video, Kim Adamof of Edge Digital explains what should be on this piece of paper and why it’s essential.

A list of all the accounts you have that control your business is the one piece of paper that can save you hours of frustration when working with a third-party marketing agency. That list should include your domain name, website host, Google Analytics, YouTube channel, and social media profiles.

When a marketing firm starts working with a client, they need to access many of their client’s accounts. Without the information ready at hand, it can take weeks to get access because the business owner is scrambling to figure out who has access to the account, the email, and the password. It’s all very frustrating to everybody and can delay the work.

Most marketing agencies will send a setup checklist when they first get started, and it has all the accounts where access is needed. If the business has the list already assembled, this step is fast and easy.

We recommend that every business take the time and go through all their accounts and put all the information – the username, the password, the email that controls it, and even the phone number used to verify the account into one document. That way, when hiring a marketing manager or marketing agency, all you have to do is turn over one piece of paper, and all the information is there. You will save yourself hours of frustration.

If you would like to get a copy of our setup checklist template, send us a message. Edge Digital is waiting to help you with all your digital marketing needs. Call 919-726-4366 and see what we can do for you.