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Google Update Write-Up

Few things in the world can strike fear into the heart of an SEO like the words "core algorithm update" do. For some, that means their site and rankings will go flying up higher than they've ever been before. For many others, though, it means that they are about to...

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Cutting Down on Your Paid Traffic Can Hurt Your Business a lot More than it Helps

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Why Home Services Lead Generation Companies Don’t Work

Finding homeowners looking for a service you offer can be searching in a proverbial haystack for a needle or lead. Several companies attract and capture homeowners' attention to their site using content and advertising. In turn, these companies sell that attention to...

Digital Marketing: 10 Ways to Promote Your Business

Digital marketing is crucial for a business's growth and survival. One can still use flyers, brochures, and other forms of physical marketing. However, digital marketing is much more powerful and cost-effective in the long term. By using digital platforms, your...
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Online Review Service

Your Online Presence is Vital to Your Business


Make sure you manage it


Relying purely on word of mouth is not enough today.

Most consumers do quite a bit of research online for products and services to find the best company to hire or purchase from.

Part of your average credibility check, savvy consumers are looking to hear from your past customers, be that’s a video testimonial or a third-party review.

Why is Your Online Reputation Important?

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  • Nearly 95% of potential customers will research a business online before making a buying decision. – Spiegel Research Center
  • 85% of consumers consider online feedback about a business or service before making a purchase decision.
  • 72% of customers don’t take action until they have read reviews – Testimonial Engine
  • Given two products with similar ratings, consumers are more likely to buy the product with more reviews. -Bazaarvoice
  • 82% of shoppers read negative reviews to help them make a choice – Power Reviews
  • 92% of consumers have difficulties or hesitations purchasing an item with no reviews – Fan and Fuel

Online Reputation Management Service

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Maximize your local search engine optimization (SEO) strategy with online review management.

We know Local SEO and how much reviews matter to both potential customers and Google. We can help you harness the power of third-party review sites to improve your website’s visibility.

Edge Digital provides a robust solution for small businesses and multi-location companies to cultivate and manage your customer feedback and online reviews.

  • Request reviews on over 100 sites
  • Send branded email requests
  • Review management
  • Google Q&A monitoring
  • Install a Review widget on your website
  • Filter customer responses

Why Use an Online Review Service

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When your reputation is attacked, everything you value is at risk.

Protecting your business’s reputation is just as important as protecting your credit score.

Negativity comes with business. Actively managing your reputation helps mitigate any negative reviews your business receives. Edge Digital has a consistent process to help drive new, positive reviews for your business, honestly and fairly.

  • 33 percent of consumers who receive a review response to their negative review change it to positive feedback while 34 percent delete their negative reviews (Harris Interactive)
  • 35 percent of consumers boycott a brand that ignores their social complaint (Sprout Social)

An Edge Digital Reputation Specialist uses both SMS (text) and email to conveniently communicate with your customers in whatever manner they are most comfortable with.

Edge Digital’s team provides monthly reports on activity that includes our Reputation Specialist’s evaluations so you don’t just see numbers, you’re getting the full picture.

We can spot trends in negative and positive reviews quickly to help you improve your operations and spot potential troublesome practices before they have time to become a real problem.

You have a Reputation. We’ll make sure it’s a good one.