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Off-site SEO

Off-site Search Engine Optimization
The best in off-site optimiztion for your business website.

What is Off-site SEO?

Simply put, off-site SEO is everything that benefits your site but isn’t controlled directly on your site. Generally, off-site SEO is seen as more difficult to affect than on-site. More often than not the driving factor is mostly going to be links from other sites pointing back at your site. It can be other social media sources that link to you – like YouTube. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. These social signals are powerful, you should always be posting on social media and linking back to your site. Local directories are also great for getting your business information out there with a link back to the website.

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The information mentioned above can be classified under “backlinks.” Backlinks are truly what drives web page rankings. You can have the most graphically impressive site on the entire internet, but if there are no good, relevant backlinks coming in, the website is going to struggle to rank for any meaningful terms. SEO has a lot of quirks and different parts to it – but just focusing on looks will not achieve your business goals.

At Edge Digital we put a lot of effort in to ensure you’re getting not just strong backlinks, but links from sites and places that are relevant to your business and what you do. Google is smart enough to judge all the links that come in. If the links are all random or spammy, Google will lose trust that you do the business you claim to do, and your rankings could really start slipping after that.

The #EDGEdifference // The Value of Experience

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Getting backlinks, not just any backlinks but actual good relevant backlinks is not always an easy task. For a business owner trying to do their own SEO, just finding good backlinks can be hard, and sometimes the prices can just make it not worth it. That’s why you need to be working with a professional digital marketing agency like Edge Digital. We’ve been in the SEO business long enough to know our way around backlinks. How to get the best ones, what to avoid, and just how to optimize every step of the process. We implement only “white hat” techniques that protect our client’s websites from getting blacklisted.

What’s the value of ensuring you have a complete and correct overall digital profile for your business.

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Getting a website to rank well for a wide variety of terms and keywords is not as simple as putting content on the site. When a search engine is analyzing and figuring out what’s going to be most relavent to the search quarry, they are not just looking at your website, but signals from across the internet. At the end of the day the end task for any search engine is to try and connect the searcher with the most useful results for the querry. The best way to reaffirm to the search engine you are who you say and you do what you claim is for all of these other online signals to support that. This can come from a  number of differnt places.

Off-site SEO Signals

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These supporting signals can come from social media sites, citation sources (including things like your GMB), and most importantly backlinks. All of these help the search engine to verify that yes, you do what you say do you, you’re located where you claim to be, and just that you are real. If a search engine were to pull up a result for a company 5 hours away from you that doesn’t do exactly what you searched for, that would be a bit annoying wouldn’t it? In the past it wasn’t hard to trick a search engine like Google into showing you at the top of the page for a ton of different keywords and areas, but they’ve worked out all those problems so you will only rank in your area for your service or products.

Off-Site SEO Signals

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These supporting signals can come from social media sites, citation sources (including things like your GMB), and most importantly backlinks. All of these help the search engine to verify that yes, you do what you say do you, you’re located where you claim to be, and just that you are real.

Citation Profiles

Why is is so critical to have a good citation profile with nothing but correct information?

Some things like your specific map listing rankings are soley dependent on what are known as citaions. To keep it simple you can think of a citation as any mention of your business on the web; any combination of your company name, phone number, address & zip code. All of this is commonly referred to as NAP (name, address, phone number). Citations are a huge factor in your local search rankings, without them you will struggle to be found even directly in your area. Again this is just because Google isn’t really able to verify that you are where you say and they don’t want to provide anyone with bad search results.
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