Caution, Most Businesses are Using AI Wrong

AI is expected to become more popular among businesses this year for digital marketing, so it’s
very important to be aware of some of the most common mistakes that are typically made. The
launch of ChatGPT in the fall of 2022 has caused a buzz – both good and bad. There are a
variety of benefits to using AI, but if used incorrectly, it could result in getting delisted from Google.
Let’s dive in and understand why exactly businesses need to be very careful with AI for website
content, and how you can avoid using it incorrectly.

Understand That Google Will Identify AI-Written Content

When it comes to AI technology, Google’s search algorithm is incredibly sophisticated and can
distinguish between most AI-written content and human-generated content. As a result, Google
will always purposefully favor human-generated content.

Mistake One: Always manually edit and adjust the AI-written content to get past Google’s radar.

To ensure that AI-written content is of good quality, businesses need to keep in mind the rules
of the English language and pay very close attention to sentence structure and spelling.
Additionally, using conversational language, a varied vocabulary, and quality images will all help
create content that reads more naturally. Sometimes, AI-written content can provide intellectual
wording that the average reader is unable to understand, so it is important to adjust your
message accordingly.

Mistake Two: Not Proofreading

Another common mistake people make with ChatGPT is failing to proofread the output.
While AI can generate high-quality text, it’s not perfect, and there may be errors or
awkward phrasing to clean up when reading the result. Before using the content, make
sure you proofread carefully. You may also want to consider using a grammar checker,
such as Grammarly, to help you catch any errors. Another error we’ve noticed a lot from
AI writers is repeat phrases. We tell our content writers to read the article out loud to
make sure it makes sense.

Mistake Three: Is the tone right for your business?

Try not to use overly technical or complex language when entering a prompt into the AI
writer. While it may seem counterintuitive, using simple and conversational language
can actually lead to better results.
AI is capable of handling complex and philosophical questions but remember that it was
designed to be a conversational chatbot. By using technical language, you may confuse
the AI language model and result in convoluted responses that are difficult to
To avoid any negative implications in your search rankings, keep these mistakes in mind. We
had one businessperson tell us he was going to use ChatGPT to write all of his website copy.
We nodded and said, “go for it.” We highly recommend you don’t do that, as tempting as it may
be. This of AI this year as a starter copy. It can speed up your work, but it can’t replace you – yet!
If you’ve used AI content on your site and would like an audit, let’s talk.

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