We’ve been around for quite a while now, and in our time we have dealt with and ranked sites from all different types of business, in many different places, with different end goals in mind. In terms of healthcare we have worked with medical doctors, chiropractors, and Med Spas; we’ve also done business with a variety of different trades like HVAC, Home Improvements, Power washing, bathroom, and kitchen refinishing, decks, fencing, plumbing and more; if you have a business and need us to grow your online presence and drive traffic, we can do it.

Do You Need an Industry Specific SEO Company?

The short answer is no. The only thing required is if an SEO company doesn’t know about your business, it is the willingness to put in the time and learn what they need to.  It’s one thing to arbitrarily fire off backlinks without an understanding of what makes the business work and what makes each company special, just relying on nothing more than some keywords you scavenged. It’s completely different to be taking a personal interest in what the desired results are and be personally involved and tied to that business succeeding like we are.

We’ve seen our sites pass those done by “specialist SEO companies” in the past and more often than not, they’re nothing too special. For many being specialized in something is more of a marketing gimmick.

If you DO want an industry-specific SEO provider, think about this.  How many other companies in the same business in this area are they working on now? If it comes down to you and a competitor ranking #1 and #2, who are they going to work harder to boost? Will they play it fair, or will they give the benefit to whoever is paying more? Hard to say. We tend to avoid these conflicts, but if they do happen we don’t pick favorites, we just do what we would normally do and leave it up to Google to decide who is #1.

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We ARE Your Partner

digital marketing rocky mount 1 1If you’ve read through our site at all, then you probably will understand that we’re not one of these “Just pay us $99/month and we’ll get ranking immediately” kind of company. If you do hire someone at those rates rest assured that they are not going to try to even learn about your business, it’s not worth their time. And chances are good they’re doing some black-hat SEO behind the scenes, only hurting you in the long-run. We’re not the absolute cheapest and we don’t want to be – we provide quality work that more than pays for itself with any quality business. On the other hand, we’re also far from the most expensive, we’re not going to charge you for things you don’t need. We work hard to charge fair prices according to what your business and website specifically need. You’re not just a business name with a list of keywords here. We want to be able to spend the time with you and your company on a fairly personal level to understand what makes your business go – and how WE can help make that happen.

When we see a report where we have a drop in rank, and it does happen, we take it personally. We probably shouldn’t, but to us, it means that we need to be trying harder and doing more. All rankings will bounce around a bit and we do understand that, but when it goes on for any length of time, we’re looking into it to find solutions. Fluctuation is the norm, drops are bad news.

What Businesses Do We Generally Work With?

The one nice thing about having an SEO company that is experienced in your particular business is that it is a whole lot less for them to have to pick up on. You don’t need a company with 50+ years of experience in your field, but it helps to have someone who has a general idea of what they’re talking about.

That said, we are familiar with truly nearly all of the trade industries out there, we’re lucky to have had such diverse experience in the past. The thing to keep in mind is that the businesses that we work with must be of sufficient size to actually have a marketing budget. If we’re taking food off your plate to do our job properly, you’re not in a position to be using us and need to get the basics in order first. A good SEO campaign is going to lead to sustained business growth and you have to be ready to accept it!

You can learn more about SEO here. If you really want some in-depth knowledge, check out our off-site SEO and on-site SEO pages here. If your business needs help with social media, or any other aspects of digital marketing, give us a call at (888)404-5850 or contact Edge Digital today. Edge Digital is excited to help you grow and improve your business!


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