Experienced SEO for Your Company
A lot of business owners are left asking us the same questions. Things like, how can you get more traffic to your website? What exactly is search engine optimization and how can you improve your own? Is there a best way to increase rankings in Google? Do you have any idea how you would go about reaching that top search engine ranking? Is the website okay, does it need any changes or improvement? All of these are among the most common questions that we get from clients, and these can be really hard to get answered without the right insight or experience. That’s where we come in, we’ve just about seen and done it all at this point.

Sustainable Organic Results

There is so much more to a good and sustainable search engine optimization campaign than a quick $50 spam backlinking campaign or trying to pay for page views or anything of that sort. If you choose to work with anything like this, you’re only hurting your own ranking and business in the long-term. You may see very short-term jumps, but those will quickly fall when Google identifies it as spammy. If you really want the best results for your SEO and to learn more about optimizing your business for Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and more, Your Edge Digital is here to help you. We have local and national search engine optimization experts. If you want to rank better for a niche, your local area, or beat out your competitors, we can help you.

Local SEO Rankings

Let’s dive more into what “local SEO” is really all about. First, the most important thing is figuring out what exactly you’re looking to rank or get found for. Different companies are going to need different tactics. Local search is all about getting your website found for whatever product or service you may be offering in your area. So, if you sell pizza in New York for example, you’re ideally going to want to come up first when people search “pizza” in your area. The search phrase, such as “HVAC repair Durham”, needs to contain a service/product and a location as part of your SEO plan. If you can’t gain customers organically your business may struggle regardless of the local area and competition.

Can you really do SEO anywhere?
Local SEO is pretty consistent across the board, local is local at the end of the day. It truly doesn’t matter what city, town, or state you’re located in, the techniques will be essentially the same. Your Edge Digital has a history of attaining solid rankings for companies of all sorts around the United States. Every business needs to have some kind of website or rankings these days and we can certainly provide that for you! If a potential client looks up your business online and can’t find a website or finds a horrible looking website – they’re going to be a lot less likely to want to support your business. It looks like you just don’t care about how your business appears, and people will pick that up.

If you have a “brick and mortar” storefront, you probably survive on walk-in customers and rely on people in your direct area to support your business; however, we’re sure you could almost always use just a little bit more business. There are exceptions, but most service and retail businesses will fall into this category. Local rankings are truly what drive businesses.

National Search Engine Projects

Edge Digital can handle projects of a larger scope as well. The basics of search engine optimization again don’t change much. At the end of the day, it comes down to having good onsite practices and supporting that with good offsite work. When it comes to trying to rank nationally, you often have a lot more competition than a local business will. You also aren’t going to be just focusing on ranking in a few particular locations, you’re going to want to rank well across the entire country if you can! Having good onsite keyword optimization and strong backlinks from strong domains is still just as important.

Why DO You Want Your Site to Be Found?

Chances are high that you want your site to be found for one main reason – to make money. Sure there are plenty of vanity/placeholder websites and websites that support certain causes, but most of them are there as a vessel to expose new customers to the products and services that you offer. They also help existing customers learn more about what you do and even expose them to more products or services that you may offer. Whatever the reason, higher rankings are going to result in more traffic to your website. More website traffic, as long as they’re converting well, should also result in more business and thus more profit.

Some sites rank really well in the search engines. Some look fantastic and navigate like a dream. The absolute best spots are those that can meet in the middle and find that magic spot where it all comes together. Your Edge Digital is here to help you with a number of your needs, things like web design, fast hosting, press releases, social media, reputation management, email campaigns, blogging, and more. Let us show you how our search engine optimization services can make your site really shine and stand out.

Local SEO that sticks

Wouldn’t you love to see your business up at the top of the maps results in search engines? Edge Digital can work to get you showing up and dominating the local maps listings. You probably didn’t know this but the map listings attached to your Google My Business listing operate on a completely different set of rules and parameters than the organic results do. A few changes and campaigns can get you showing up well in both locations. Having a listing in each of the sections of the search results does make a difference. If someone sees your listing twice, they’re more likely to trust you and click to visit your website.

How does search engine optimization work?

If you want your website found on Google and the other search engines like Yelp and Yahoo!, it needs a few key elements. Remember, just like with all marketing this is relative, not all niches and keywords are going to be the same; some will be more difficult to reach that pinnacle top position than others. Some local niches may have a lot of professional SEO sparring going on, while others you may be able to dominate the rankings in days. Remember that your website does not need to be perfect, it just has to be better than your competition. Don’t forget that you’re not fighting Google for rankings, you’re fighting with the other listings around you, those are who you need to focus on beating.

Onsite search elements

Onsite search elements are modified directly on your website and are commonly referred to as “onsite optimization”. This can include things like proper titles and meta tags, a variety of related keywords, quality handwritten content, a strategic URL structure, and even page elements like videos or images. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when doing on-page SEO work. Every single thing doesn’t have to be absolutely optimized as much as possible, but the more that you have correct on-site the less work you’ll have to do off-site to boost the site.

Offsite search elements

Offsite search elements are the things that aren’t directly on your website. Offsite optimization is trickier because these elements aren’t directly under your control and are generally going to be pointing at your website from other sites. Generally, this is going to be things like links to your site, social media accounts (also knows as web 2.0’s) that link to your site. Another important factor is getting directory listings/citation sources out there identifying your company. These help search engines verify that you are who you say and are also what mainly influences the map rankings. So, if you want to show up well on Google maps, you need to have your citations in order. At the end of the day, off-site mostly comes down to the links coming to your site. The bigger and stronger they are the more effective you’re going to get from them. You can never have too many good healthy links coming back to your site!

Bringing it all together

Search engine optimization isn’t exactly the simplest endeavor, from keyword research, backlinking, social media, and more, it can get pretty complex pretty quickly. Finding a good internet marketing company who really understands the process is critical to your success. The key to outranking your competition is hiring the absolute best SEO services to promote your business.

Keep ranking well

So, it’s been a few months now and you’ve seen your rankings crawl up, now you’re up towards the top of the pack for everything. You may think you’re done with SEO, but you’d be very wrong. Do you really think that the page you knocked out of the number 1 spot isn’t working to take it back? Or that all of those sites underneath you aren’t also working on their SEO and climbing up towards those top spots. Internet SERP’s (Search engine ranking positions) are always changing positions – even the algorithm. Day to day we see rankings bounce a bit either way. Something that was giving you great results just a few months ago could have since fallen out of favor with Google and could even be hurting your site now. This just all speaks to the many reasons you need to have someone staying on top of your SEO and looking out for any changes, things you may not be able to notice until your rankings start dropping. By then it’s too late to counteract and you’ll be in damage control at that point.

Get ranking now

If your business needs help with social media, or any other aspects of digital marketing, give us a call at (888)4045850 or contact Edge Digital today. We’d love to help you.