Sometimes a website’s problem with converting web traffic into leads is more of a sales issue than a marketing issue.  Since you are getting the traffic to the site and conversions are disproportionately low, then it’s time to take another look at your target audience, where are they in the sales funnel when they hit your site, and what motivates them to buy.

Website Lead Conversion Suggestions

Fundamentally your website might be flawed even though it looks great.  Is it set up in 2 or 3 columns with a rotating gallery taking up a large section of real estate on the site?  We have been conditioned with ads appearing on the right side of a screen that eye-tracking shows right-sided columns are more likely overlooked.

Develop a Sales Funnel

Top of Funnel. These are activities that capture prospects into your sales funnel.  They are typically easy to do and have low signup friction; newsletter signups, follow on social media, subscribe to YouTube channel, etc.

Middle of Funnel.  These activities have higher intent.  The audience knows who you are and what you are selling. These can be an ebook download, take the online test, etc. You want to build trust now.

Bottom of Funnel – These people will read your return policy, testimonials, online reviews and are ready to buy. They may be looking for a guarantee and possibly free shipping to make the final decision.

Do you have a section allowing web visitors to sign up for your newsletter?   If you aren’t getting enough sign-ups, tell them what they get by signing up.  “What’s in it for them” is the Top of Funnel. Entice them.

Build trust with videos.  Think about the FAQs, objections, and fears that people have of your products or services.  What will customers say on the video to help you overcome and explain products better?

The Rotating Gallery is pretty much pointless.  It looks great but do visitors stick around long enough to see each slide.

Re-work the “above the fold” section of the website to get people to:

  • Top of Funnel – Sign up for newsletter
  • Middle of Funnel – Take the online quiz
  • Bottom of Funnel – Take a risk-free trial

Solve people’s problems.  Make sure you optimize your site for long-tail keywords related to your audience’s problems.  This should help with better conversions because if someone types their problem into Google, they generally are looking for a solution.  If you provide the solution with your information and explain how the products or service helps, they are more quickly move to the Bottom of the Funnel.

Repurpose old content. If your site is full of content, why not repackage some of it into different formats.  Take articles and combine them for a longer blog, use images with words on top, create videos or slideshows.

If your analytics data says your bounce rate is high, you are making people work too hard to find what they are looking for.  Think problem and serve up the solution.

Pretend to be your own customer. Go through your website as if you are a customer.  How easy is it to find information? Is the phone number visible on all pages?  Do you have a prominent call to action to complete a contact form?

Get a website audit and find out what’s working and not working on your website.  It’s free and only needs a URL to run. If your business needs help with social media, or any other aspects of digital marketing, give us a call at (888)4045850 or contact Edge Digital today. We’d love to help you.