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Website Hosting

A quality website requires quality hosting

What is Web Hosting and Why Would I Need it?

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Arguably as important as having a great fully-developed website, is having quality web-hosting. It’s so important to hire a web hosting company that you can rely on to provide security and reliability to you and all of your visitors.

hosting website raleighAccording to one study, 47% of website visitors expect it to load fully in less than two seconds, and 40% say that if a website isn’t loaded completely in three seconds, they will leave without conducting any business. 84% of online shoppers will outright abandon their carts if they decide a website seems unsafe, so it’s important to have a website that runs smoothly and conveys a sense of security to all users. You can avoid all of these issues outright just by choosing a quality web hosting company.

Domain Name Registration & Transfers

Registering for a domain name is a huge step in building up your digital footprint for your business. A domain name gives you an online landing place for your business, a place you can share information and reach new customers. We can help you find the best available domain name for yourself and claim it, then get your hosting started on our own servers. We can also transfer your existing domains over to our servers with no problems, keeping the power of that same domain going! We can also monitor domain name sales to look for names that may be benefit your business.

Edge Digital Web Hosting Service

We encourage you to go through all of our included services – MOST companies have additional charges for SSL, for backups, virus scans and more. By the time you’re done paying for all the extras, your service will end up actually being MORE expensive than hosting with Edge.

Annual Webhosting: $140/yr
Monthly Maintenance: $20/mo (@12 months)
Annual Total: $380

Email Hosting

Want even MORE out of your email hosting?

Premium Business Email Hosting – $3/mo/user

Excellent business class email hosting

Premium Plus Email – $5/mo/user

All the benefits and features of our Plus Email Hosting PLUS

  • Mobile sync of contacts and calendars
  • 30GB Cloud Drive for storing and sharing documents
  • Online editing of documents and spreadsheets

Hosted Microsoft Exchange – $12/mo/user

The ultimate in email hosting!

server backupsWebsite & Server Backups

Commonly the biggest fear for any website owner is simply losing their data – whether it be customer data, transactional data, or anything else, even just the idea of that is frightening, and you could find yourself rebuilding part of your business because of that. That’s why at Your Edge Digital we offer full website backup services – so that we can prevent any risk of you losing your crucial website data.

Backing up your website on a regular basis protects you from hackers, viruses, and even server failures where they may restore an old version of your website accidentally and wipe any changes or upgrades made since then. We also backup our servers on a regular basis to ensure we have as many options available to us as possible, the dangers of truly losing anything on your website are slim to none as long as backups are running. Most don’t even consider running backups until they have to have an entirely new website created following a nasty hack or piece of malware, don’t make that same mistake.

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website securityWebsite Safety & Security

Websites are pretty much necessary to have in the modern day, but that’s not to say that hosting and maintaining websites is a perfect science that has no mistakes. Websites are prime targets for hackers and the like. A ‘hack” can mean a number of different things, anything from spoofing your business email address to wiping all of your websites files out and replacing them with a spam website of some kind. Edge digital has a number of security measures in place on any site we host to avoid hacking attempts.

Malware & Security Scans

We preform regular malware & virus scans on all of our servers regularly to ensure no sites are infected with anything. If we do find anything suspicious we get to working on it instantly, we get in touch with our experts to start repairing your website. This is another time when it’s so valuable to have those backups running so we can always revert back if need be. We work hard to secure our sites to a degree that will make any potential hackers decide it’s not worth the time to even try.

email hostingBusiness Email Hosting

Having an email account with your business website domain name in it makes you look much more legitimate and gives a great first impression to potential customers. We can set you and anyone in your company up with a business email account to use that will integrate perfectly between devices, and of course with heavy virus, fraud, and spam protection. Our professional email hosting services will help you craft a business identity and show that off to any potential customers.

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