Social Media Advertising

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Paid Social Strategies Designed to Make You Money

Custom paid social media campaigns that are optimized for sales.
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Target the Right Audience

Data tells a story about who your customers are and points us in the right direction.

We analyze your data to learn who your customer is, why they are buying from you, and how you should market to them to achieve a maximum return on your investment. Custom audiences start with your current customers and then artificial intelligence is added to find more people who look and act just like them.

Quick changes in digital marketing means you need a partner who is flexible enough to adjust your strategy to stay ahead of the curve. You need someone who has both creativity and is technology –savvy to help you out-run your competition.

This creates a partner for life, not customers for the moment.

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Attract New Customers and Engage with Current Customers

Get Top-Of-Mind with prospects and create wins for both you and your customers.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Targeting your audience has never been more important than now for increasing revenue.

  • Targeting Using Data – Data informs our targeting to find potential customers so we don’t waste your ad spend
  • Attract New Customers While Increasing ROI – A dynamic content strategy brings you more new customers and more revenue.
  • Customers Spend More – Influence current customers buying decisions with a content marketing strategy.
  • Put Customers on Repeat – Repeat customers are nine times more likely to convert than new customers. Referral strategies work better for some industries.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Using AI, we create dynamic campaigns of multiple creative combinations to maximize your results.
  • Ad monitoring – Experts actively optimize what works and stop what doesn’t, ensuring your ad dollars are spent on what converts at the lowest cost.

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social media analytics

74% of people use social media when making a purchasing decision

Facebook Advertising Services

With over one billions social media users, reach a diverse audience that self-identifies.

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Instagram Advertising Services

Build brand awareness and drive engagement with creative campaigns that gets users to interact with your brand.

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LinkedIn Advertising Services

Advertise on the best social media platform for lead generation. Target and capture leads with personalized ads.

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Pinterest Advertising Services

Engage with a highly targeted audience that generates awareness, sales, and more for your business.

Target & Attract Your Ideal Customer

You know your ideal customer, and we know social media advertising. Partnering together we can drive impactful business growth.

A Complete Social Advertising Solution:

  • Dedicated Social Media Advertising Account Manager
  • Fast setup of ad accounts on social media platforms
  • Advanced audience targeting—find the ideal audience that matters most to your bottom line
  • Creative and compelling ad copy designed for clicks
  • Build results-driven campaigns and re-marketing that achieve your revenue goals
  • Optimize ad spend to maximize leads and ROI
  • Improve landing pages for better conversions
  • Ad optimization so only converting ads run

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Social Media Advertising

Custom paid social media campaigns that are optimized for sales.