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Social Media Marketing - Case Study


Dr Liz is a geriatrician in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a specific message about dementia for elders and their families. Our objectives were to help her build a national brand and get a book deal.


She only is known in the local San Francisco Bay Area and needed to build a national audience as well as increase her social media presence. The webinars were only be attended by eldercare professionals, not families dealing with dementia.


Within 5 months of working together she got the book deal on 10/6/20 – we started working on the account 5/1/20.
160% growth in Facebook followers to 21,046 followers in 6 months


  • Rebranded Elderconsult to Dr Liz Geriatrics
  • Started a weekly Facebook Live show called High Noon with Dr Liz
  • Redesigned the Elderconsult website to focus on Telehealth
  • On-going Search Engine Optimization to increase traffic
  • Paid Facebook Advertising to increase followers, build an audience for the show, and drive traffic to the webinars
  • Q&A Video Strategy


As of May 2020, there were 13,249 followers on the Facebook page. By November 2020, the followers grew 160% to over 21,000. The Facebook Live show generated new followers and provided content for the YouTube channel.

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We set up the YouTube channel and helped her create Q&A videos to build her brand and clearly communicate her dementia messages. The video in particular called “Why Does Dementia Cause Death?” has over 30,000 views. To date there are 318 subscribers on the Dr Liz Geriatrics YouTube channel. 

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The organic search traffic grew 161.13% over the previous year. We focused on her dementia messages and built backlinks to support a national presence, along with on-site changes with keywords, titles, and tags.

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Tracking is very important for a business owner to determine if a campaign or marketing strategy works or not. Not only did we track contact forms, but we also tracked the webinars and other metrics important to the client. The goal conversions were up 152.18% compared to the same time one year ago.

1 goal completions nov 202 vs 2019 opt