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A Quality Website Requires Quality Hosting

Never lose a prospect from bad web hosting
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What is Web Hosting and Why Would I Need it?

Arguably as important as having a great fully-developed website, is having quality web-hosting.

It’s vital to hire a web hosting company that you can rely on to provide security and reliability to you and all of your visitors. According to one study, 47% of website visitors expect it to load fully in less than two seconds, and 40% say that if a website has not entirely loaded in three seconds, they will leave without conducting any business. 84% of online shoppers will outright abandon their carts if they decide a website seems unsafe. It is essential to your business to have a website that runs smoothly and conveys a sense of security to all users.

Domain Name Registration & Transfers

Registering for a domain name is a huge step in building up your business’s digital footprint. A domain name gives your business an online landing place to share information and reach new customers. We can help you find the best available domain name and claim it, then get your hosting started on our servers. We accept domain name transfers, so all of your information is stored in one place.
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Fast Load Times. Daily Uptime Monitoring. Secure Backups.

Hosting You Don’t Have to Think About

High Performance Hosting

Keep your website content on a reliable and trustworthy server for peace of mind.

  • Weekly Website Backups – Automatic Full website backup service to prevent any risk of losing crucial website data
  • Off-site Backup Storage – data is stored on another server for added protection and ease of restoring content
  • Security and Virus Protection – malware scanning and monitoring for suspicious activity
  • Robust Server – minimizes any downtime
  • Monitoring – we monitor for any downtime and handle unforeseen server issues immediately
  • Fast Load Times – the strength of our servers allow for websites to load as quickly as possible

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82% of people stated they would leave a website that is not secure

Source: Hubspot

Website Hosting You Can Trust

Websites are prime targets for hackers. A ‘hack” can mean several different things, such as spoofing your business email address to wiping all of your website’s files out and replacing them with a spam website of some kind. Edge digital has many security measures in place on any site we host to avoid hacking attempts.

  • Daily Security Scans – We perform daily malware & virus scans on all of our servers to ensure no sites are infected.
  • Weekly Data Backups – Full website backup that protects your content and can restore the site quickly.
  • Off-site Backup Storage – We push a backup copy of your website to a secure cloud server.
  • SSL Certificate – SSL/HTTPS Hosting Included (The Green Lock) while most companies have additional charges for SSL Certificates.
  • Software Update Maintenance – The software that runs the website, including plugins, must be consistently maintained to keep out hackers.

Business Email Hosting

Having an email account with your business website domain name provides legitimacy and gives a great first impression to potential customers. We can set up a business email account that integrates seamlessly between devices and includes a heavy virus, fraud, and spam protection. Our professional email hosting services will help you craft a business identity and show that off to any potential customers.

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Website Hosting

Website Management that ensures you’re always online