recruiting playbook for contractors webinar

Is finding quality new hires or subcontractors holding your business back? Are candidates dropping out of the process and ghosting you?

Would you believe there has NOT been a significant change in recruiting in decades?

Wake up from the hiring nightmare.

Before starting the recruiting process, you need multiple ways to attract and capture candidates.

The recruitment process has become more social, and you must be savvier with your ‘Employer Branding’ to set your company apart from competitors. The critical intangible for attracting candidates is your ‘Candidate Experience’.

We will share insights and guidance on some key areas to make your hiring process consistent and deliver an incredible candidate experience – leading to more accepted employment offers.

In this short webinar, you will learn

  • New ways to attract and capture candidates that you may not have considered before
  • Social media hacks to find candidates
  • How to make your recruiting process candidate-centered
  • Key secrets for recruiting in the current marketing conditions

Recruiting Playbook for Contractors

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