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Today, over 85% of potential customers make critical judgments about a brand’s trustworthiness based on its online presence. As a business owner or marketing manager, your online presence is an imperative part of providing customers with a great first impression. Keeping your web design, user experience, reviews, and other digital touch-points of your business at a high standard is essential.


Building a website has become one of the most important elements in business success today. It is crucial for a business to have an easily accessible website in order to build customer confidence. Crafting a positive association through your website serves as a powerful way to promote your company. This is a major factor in making a lasting impact on potential customers.


A rise in website traffic means a growth in overall profit for you. This can mean more telephone calls for your business, an uptick in emails, additional online sales, and more overall engagement. The higher the number of viewers to your site, the greater the potential for new customers.


25 Hacks to Double Your Website Traffic

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