Imagine a monopolized business industry that features one main brand with no competition? I doubt that the consumers in that sector will be satisfied. They may have to contend with substandard products, poor customer services, and high prices. The highest level of customer experience is recorded in highly competitive commercial sectors where every competitor is using all the tricks in the book to get ahead of the competition. Every business will be focused on trying to grow its customer base hence better services and high-quality products, and excellent marketing strategies.

The importance of a good marketing strategy is to educate your target customers about the value they stand to gain by purchasing and using your products. There are many marketing strategies, and your choice among the options should be based on your type of business. Implementing an integrated marketing communication is a crucial part of your marketing campaign. It is a proven strategy that has worked for many big brands such as IBM, Nike, etc. therefore it is vital to your business.

Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing communication is a marketing strategy where a specific marketing copy is created for your brand or products, and the same message is propagated through all your marketing communication channels such as flyers, billboards, social media accounts, emails, branded souvenirs, etc. this means you are sending one message, a clear message that sells your brand.

Before you think it’s quite restrictive and not flexible enough as a marketing plan, let’s discuss some advantages of applying the integrated marketing communication strategy for your business.

Increased Product Knowledge: Various marketing studies have proven that when your employees know everything about your products they will be able to convincingly address customer inquiries hence increasing the chances of making sales.

Targeted Advertising: It will be easier to catch the attention of a specific audience when your message is created for this group. Broadcasting this message across all your communication channels will get the desired effect.

Increased Customer Loyalty: You can efficiently grow your customer base and get more loyal customers by adequately implementing a well-developed integrated marketing communication. The level of consistency in propagating the same message to your target audience will make it easier for your potential customers to understand the value proposition in your marketing message. And if they are happy with your products after use, there is a higher tendency that they will stick with your brand because the promises made in your marketing messages were fulfilled.

Lower Marketing Budget: The use of integrated marketing communication is considerably cheaper than other marketing strategies because you will not need to fund a different marketing campaign for every communication channel you use to advertise your brand. It is all about sending one message across all channels to reach a broader audience. You will also save costs by avoiding any duplication of marketing messages which usually occurs when a brand uses different Ads for their various communication channels.

Increased ROI: The extensive reach of an integrated marketing communication strategy means that more people will know about your brand. Increasing the prominence of your brand online and through traditional marketing methods such as flyers and TV, Ads will increase sales.

The benefits of using the integrated marketing communication strategy are worth the effort. You will also be able to determine if it is not working by reviewing the sales reports and you can quickly make changes. So get your marketing team together, start planning how to incorporate integrated marketing communication into your marketing plan.

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