When you look at your Google Analytics report, do you know what all those numbers mean? Do you know which numbers are the most important to increase your business? In this video, Kim Adamof of Edge Digital explains one particular metric to track that translates into increased income.

What’s the number one piece of data you need to monitor? If your business is paying for SEO or advertising services, you will get reports from these companies. They’re going to give a lot of impressive data, but how do you read that data? What does it mean? One piece of data you need to pay attention to, and that’s goal conversions. Goal conversions monitor money opportunities.

If you’re using your website for lead generation, you want to set up a goal conversion on the “request a quote” form when people go to a “thank you” page. You then start tracking how many people hit the “thank you” page. It doesn’t matter how many impressions you have. It only matters how many leads your website’s producing.

I had a friend come to me with an SEO report he had received, asked me what the numbers meant.
I looked at the numbers, and the data was showing that the impressions were going up steadily. After digging into the backside of the data. I looked at the goal conversions. There was an increase of only one goal conversion.

Impressions don’t mean anything if you’re not getting money opportunities.

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