Do you want to win more business? That’s a big YES. What’s the answer to the big question, “what is it going to take to win?” The bottom line is having a plan. We have found that home improvement companies that utilize all four marketing strategies are the biggest winners. Do you think Tom Brady and Bill Belichick take the off-season off? NO, they are busy coming up with new plays and formations to run. They watch films on new divisional opponents and biggest threats for the offseason and even watch tape on new arrivals to the team to see what they should be capable of bringing to the team. They continue to work on the areas they need to improve. As good as you may be, it’s critical never to get too comfortable and always look to patch your weak spots.

Website Design for Home Improvement Companies

The most crucial strategy to scoring a new lead is having a high converting website. When visitors land on your website, they need to determine who you are and what services you offer quickly. The longer you can get a visitor to stay on the website, the higher your chance of scoring. Think of it like driving down into the red zone or taking a 3-foot hook shot from the paint, and you have a much higher chance of success than if you just blasted off a Hail Mary from your 30-yard line or shot a 3 from the logo. Strategically placed calls to action are crucial to getting visitors to call or request a quote – not having them on there is equivalent to playing with fewer men on the field because you can’t be bothered to field a whole team!

Digital Marketing for Home Improvement Companies

The following two strategies are equally important. First, make sure your site can get found in search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on optimizing a website for search results. It takes a lot of effort and is not a “one and done” type of thing.

Sites are constantly changing where they rank in search, so it’s essential to have an ongoing organic marketing strategy. Just because you rank #1 for your top target keyword today does not mean you won’t be pushed right down to #3 within a week because of a Google update, someone else’s SEO efforts, and who knows what else.

The third strategy is advertising or ‘push’ marketing. This is positioning your message in front of your audience at JUST the right time. You can advertise via Google Ads (PPC), Paid Social Ads such as Facebook, programmatic, directory sites such as Angie’s List, or directly on a website. Each type of advertising has an associated cost per click which ranges based on estimated traffic levels.

Don’t just be ON social media. USE social media.

Social media cannot be left out. Even if you do not use social media, this can be a potent tool for leads. Homeowners will often message a business through social media to ask a sales-related question. Make sure someone on your team is monitoring and responding as fast as possible.

A BIG mistake I see is hiring or outsourcing to someone just because they are young or cheap. The person needs to have the business acumen to know what and how to post to benefit the business. Bad social media is not any better than no social media. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Bad or unprofessional social media work could do terrible things to your brand. Think of it like stacking up your defensive line with all the cheapest contracts possible. It might save you some money, but at some point, something bad is going to break through and get you.

Your sales team’s job is to convert every single lead that they can for you. Those “free throws” will add up to a ton of points; ask Shaq about that one.

If your business relies on referrals only, just by implementing a small plan, you have the opportunity to double sales right off the bat. The best place to start is with content marketing and search engine optimization. Having even a little effort going into all of this will make a big difference for your business. You can no longer ignore your online presence. It is like being that old basketball guy who thinks 3-pointers aren’t worth shooting when the statistics tell us that they are well worth shooting.

Schedule a strategy session today to discuss your current marketing and the best techniques to implement for growth. Edge Digital will get your game plan all ironed out and ready to go.