Contractor Marketing: SEO Strategies to Acquire New Homeowners


As a contractor or home remodeling business owner, optimizing your website’s visibility is crucial for attracting new clients. Using strategic SEO tactics to maximize your brand’s visibility is essential. Every remodeling business should utilize a few types of SEO, but the most important is absolutely Local SEO. This is a method of optimizing a business’s website to rank higher in the local search results for a specific location or area. It includes modifying a website’s content, meta-data, titles, URLs, and other on-page elements, along with off-page components such as local reviews and citations. Local SEO for contractors aims to help your business appear at the top of search engine results for applicable keywords related to your company and the location you serve.


Local SEO

Local SEO is particularly pertinent for companies with a physical location, such as a brick-and-mortar or service-based business. Optimizing your digital presence for local search can drive new traffic to your website, leading to increased foot traffic, qualified leads, and overall revenue.


These Local SEO methods can help you to draw in prospects from your desired market.


  • Geo-tagged images
  • Location website landing pages
  • Citations
  • Reviews


Digital Marketing Strategies for Contractors

To reach a broad customer base and to remain competitive among rivals, having a solid online presence is essential for contractors and the contractor industry. This involves having an optimized, user-friendly website that implements Local SEO strategies and stays up-to-date on the latest digital business trends. 

Contractor Marketing SEO Strategies to acquire new homeowners

As a contractor, you can use these data-driven Digital Marketing strategies to promote your services and past projects and connect with potential customers. By investing in the following SEO techniques, you can work to increase your visibility in search engine results pages and attract more visitors to your site. 



How can contractors use Local SEO to maximize the visibility of their business and drive more qualified leads?


Typically, contractors serve specific local areas, so optimizing your website for local search keywords and phrases means winning new business. Research what your local target audience is looking for online, and include those keywords in your website material. 


Get Found Locally

A recent study conducted by Google revealed that almost half of all searches are looking for local information, and an even higher number of customers, 72%, visited a Contractor Marketing SEO Strategies to acquire new homeownersbusiness within 5 miles after searching. According to another study by Hootsuite, companies that invest in Local SEO usually experience an ROI 15 times the amount they initially invested.


When you include local search terms such as “contractor [city name]” and “home renovation [city name],” you are optimizing for a local audience. 


  • The website content can include location-specific words in the range.
  • Get listed in local directories, such as BBB and Yelp.
  • Maintain your Google Business Profile (GBP) with current information.


Best Local SEO Strategy

The best Local SEO strategy is to create and maintain your Google Business Profile (GBP). This lets your company be organically included in Google’s local search results. Claiming or adding your business to business.Google.com will increase your online presence and provide potential customers with easy access to the website and a direct map for easy visits to your physical office location. 

Appearing in the map listing lets businesses provide customers with precise, up-to-date information regarding location, opening hours, contact info, and current services. 

Contractor Marketing SEO Strategies to acquire new homeownersGBP also offers more beneficial features for local listings, such as customer reviews, which help other local clients build trust with your business. You will also have access to trackable insights and analytics on your online presence, and your 

Google listing content will automatically be optimized for mobile devices, enhancing customer experience.


Another recent study by BrightLocal found that businesses with complete, accurate, and consistently updated Google Business Page listings get 7x more clicks than businesses or brands without a Google listing. To maximize your Local SEO, you must always maintain your GBP. 


Geo-tagging Images

Contractor Marketing SEO Strategies to acquire new homeownersRegarding Local SEO, even minor details can have a significant impact. Another effective way to approach Local SEO is to create geo-tagged images. This involves adding relevant geographical data to your website pictures, which can help them to appear more often in search results for that location. Since this is such a minuscule task, it is often overlooked but can make a real difference. These geo-tagged images can be instrumental for contractors and remodeling companies, especially in past project photos. Doing this can help significantly with your search ranking. For instance, if you are a contractor based in Raleigh, adding the corresponding information to your project photos will cause them to be displayed when people are searching for things like “home renovation in Raleigh, NC.” Properly implemented geo-tags can help your business show higher in local search results and attract more potential clients.


Geographic Location Pages

To further employ Local SEO strategies, you can also create dedicated location pages – often labeled city or area pages – geared to increase your search rankings for those specific locations. An area page is a web page on a business’s website optimized for a particular geographic area. These pages provide valuable information to search engines like Google and potential clients. They can showcase more detailed information about your services and your company’s location-specific offerings. To create effective location website pages, you should strategically incorporate relevant local keywords, including the name of the city or town you are in. These keywords should be included throughout the page’s content, metadata, and image alt tags to clarify the page’s relevance to the specified location. For example, you may design a page on your site that caters to customers in a particular neighborhood or suburb. According to Ahref’s, a leading SEO company, including location-specific keywords on website pages can increase the page’s search visibility by up to 200%.



Citations are also a pertinent part of Local SEO. Citations refer to mentions of your company name, address, and phone number on other websites, such as local directories, review sites, and social media platforms. These references confirm your business’s legitimacy and relevance to search engines, which in turn can improve your search rankings. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a consistent display of business information across all sites.


Having a well-developed citation profile can make your business stand out in the eyes of both customers and search engines. Citing your brand’s information accurately and routinely on different websites will enhance your credibility, leading search engines like Google to trust your content and prioritize your business in the local search rankings.

Contractor Marketing SEO Strategies to acquire new homeowners

To get citations for your remodeling company, add your business information to popular local directories such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Angie’s List. In addition, registering with other websites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or industry-specific directories, can be an effective method of creating citations.


Another way to leverage citation building is by utilizing an SEO agency like Edge Digital. These services usually involve the manual submission of citations for businesses across multiple websites and directories and are designed to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of each citation.



Customer feedback is another critical component of Local SEO. Positive reviews can help construct trustworthiness and credibility with prospective clients, while negative reviews can damage your reputation. It’s essential to consistently ask customers for reviews while constantly responding to all of them, both positive and negative. It would help if you also asked clients to include an image with their thoughts, as photos can elevate engagement and increase your search engine results. 

Contractor Marketing SEO Strategies to acquire new homeowners

Local SEO for Contractors

According to a recent study by Ahrefs, it was revealed that the top three rankings in Google’s local search garner a massive 75% of total clicks. This study demonstrates the value of Local SEO for contractors and remodeling professionals specifically, as your local audience is your most important one. Applying these strategies and regularly managing your Google Business Profile will optimize your online visibility and help draw in more qualified leads.


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